Keep Bali On Top Of Your List While Dropping Anchor in Indonesia

Keep Bali On Top Of Your List While Dropping Anchor in Indonesia

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Indonesia is a quintessential destination for all those people who love beaches, forests, Majestic Ocean and alluring sea waves. Even though it’s a small country, but you can easily find a lot of dazzling destinations to unwind yourself and create some long lasting memories. Among all the small cities and islands that Indonesia is made of, Bali is the most esteemed and crowd-pleasing tourist destination. Here are a few less known facts about this place-

Majestic Ocean

Southern Bali: Three main reasons Southern Bali is famous for, are spirituality, seafood and surfing. In today’s time, most of the people visit Bali to witness beaches and cornrows, but it was not the case in the past. The beautiful island was initially discovered by surfers, and slowly transformed into what it is today. If you are a diehard water-sports lover and a well-trained surfer, then Southern Bali is no less than a heaven for you. No language can describe the true beauty of this wonderful place. So, drop in here and witness the eternal beauty of the island from your own eyes.

Southern Bali Indonesia

In order to explore the spiritual side of Bali, pay a visit to Pura Luhur Ulu Watu. It’s located in the South East direction. The temple is situated on the cliff top and surrounded by the endless ocean and picturesque greenery. You can hardly control yourself from falling in love with this temple. Everything that you come across in this temple is amazing apart from one thing. Beware of monkeys of this area, who are expert in pick-pocketing. Your goods would be long gone before you would come to know about them.

Central Bali: it’s the perfect place for those who seek unique coffee, food and natural wonders in Indonesia. There are a lot of places in Central Bali, which are famous for offering world-class food, but none of them can even come close to the offerings of the center of Ubud. Once you eat the babiguling and suckling pig from this place, you will know the real difference in normal food, and the one served at Ubud. You can also try the dinner served at the warung, which is located right in front of the palace of Ubud.

Central Bali Indonesia

Rest of The Bali: The rest of the Bali is widely known for various waterfalls, beach paradise and kite-surfing activities. In order to enter in this part of Bali, you will have to cross the mountain rims at DanauBratan. You can stop here for some time and then head towards Lovina Beach in the north. The surroundings of this place are truly amazing. There are a lot of waterfalls, beaches and water sports available here for tourists. You will surely create some of the best memories of your life here.

Rest of The Bali

It’s a brief description of one of the cities of Indonesia. There are many more such islands in Indonesia, which you can unearth. Refer indonesie for more such information.

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