How To Stay Fit During The Holidays

How To Stay Fit During The Holidays

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Staying fit for the holidays seems impossible for those who are traveling or who have families who cook enormous meals. Staying fit during the holidays just takes some motivation and a dedication to your plan. The following is a great plan for staying fit during the holidays and some tips to help you do it.

Enlisting a family member to work out with is important as they can hold you accountable. Write down your workout schedule so you can’t miss anything because you just didn’t feel like it. They can also motivate to you as you motivate them to work out. If you can get the entire family to play some kind of game they can get exercise while building memories that may last a lifetime.

Avoiding alcohol might not be an option or something you want to do during the holidays and that is perfectly fine. Alcohol does have a lot of calories but if you use mixers with no calories there are worse things like eggnog. Avoid the eggnog as this is the highest calorie drink there is out there that is regularly consumed by millions of people. When you do consume alcohol make sure not to eat as with the leftovers from the holidays in the fridge, this could derail a fitness and diet plan.

If you go out to eat at a sports bar like Big Mo’s Sports Bar then make sure to order wings. You can have the wings grilled to your liking or can get a salad. Avoiding the fried foods is advisable but if it is your cheat day then go for it!

Staying fit doesn’t have to be impossible and keeping your summer body can happen. Your body won’t have to be beach ready if you just keep or improve your body composition from earlier in the year. Just plan your fitness and diet plan and remember to write it down as this will hold you to it. It is impossible to be perfect during the holidays so on the holiday itself do not hold back and use a cheat day. Try your hardest and enlist the rest of your family to help you toward your goals.

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