Avoid RAID File Recovery Blues by utilizing LaCie Raid Solutions

Avoid RAID File Recovery Blues by utilizing LaCie Raid Solutions

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Redundant Variety of Independent Disks (RAID) technologies have enabled users to obtain fault-tolerance, data protection, elevated performance and bigger capacity from their hard disks. RAID systems allow users to gain access to a method made up of numerous hard disk drives as if it were just one device, which plays a role in the complexness of RAID file recovery. With data stored and supported on various drives, RAID technology results in a system that’s very tolerant to loss of data and frequently spares users the headaches of information recovery.

Leaders from the Pack

LaCie is definitely an award-winning computing devices manufacturer, as well as their 4big Quadra range elevated the bar in RAID technology this past year for creative professionals and small server backups. This season, their 5big Network range appears to be although it sets a brand new standard in RAID storage technology and it is aimed toward medium and small workgroups or offices. The 5big Network is available in capacities as high as a rocking 10TB, and it is hot-swappable and supports 7 RAID modes (including RAID , RAID 5 and RAID 6) for versatility and superior data protection. It’s is housed inside a sleek aluminum tower having a slightly frightening Cyclops light that reminds certainly one of Hal 9000 from 2001: An Area Journey. Being an added built-in feature, the LaCie 5big Network has a torrent client for automatic file installing. You’ll also find 5 exterior RAID hard disk slots located powering the unit, 1.5TB each, that may be placed directly under locksmith for additional security.

The 5big Network could be stacked nicely, enabling you to save valuable space for storage inside your server room, and it is browser-based management system enables for any painless setup. Additionally, it enables multiple users to keep, share and access data around the RAID drives without taxing the bandwidth of the central server. When compared to traditional 4big Towers, the 5big Network melts away to 25% less energy and it is revolutionary new air conditioning is 37% quieter regardless of the extra RAID disk. Having a 1GB Ethernet port, you may also expect blazingly fast transfers within the network.


The folks at LaCie will never be pleased with being average and revel in exceeding expectations. The 5big Network, for example, was lately upgraded to match as much as 10TB of space for storage and iTunes support. LaCie causes it to be their business to protect you from problems of information recovery and if you wish to keep the RAID data store big, bad and rock-solid, you can’t simply request a better brand. Despite LaCie’s selection of impressively designed storage solutions, they still fail from time-to-time, and in such cases it is advisable to hands your precious silver box to the RAID file recovery specialists. Unskilled RAID file recovery attempts always finish in heartache.

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