Some Top Uses for Windsocks

Some Top Uses for Windsocks

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Windsocks can be used for multiple purposes.  They can give you an accurate indication of the direction of the wind and the speed of it.  They are aptly named as they look like a sock attached to a pole.  It’s likely that you have probably seen one before – but may not have known it.  We have put together a list of uses for windsocks to give you a broader idea of what they are and why you may use them.

Reducing Environmental Hazards

Windsocks can be found in chemical facilities and plants.  They are used there so that employees can accurately judge the wind direction and speed.  When they do this – this allows them to be more careful in terms of letting toxins that are harmful being exposed. This should reduce the risk of any environmental hazards that may come into play.

Safety in Aviation

If you have ever flown into an airport, then you will likely have encountered a windsock before, but may not recognise what it is.  The use of windsocks are mandated by the FAA (The Federal Aviation Administration) and are used to aid pilots in terms of landing and taking off safely.  The ability for them to assess the velocity and speed of the wind allows them to make for much safer travel.

Getting Golf Right

This may sound crazy, but windsocks can help with your golf game.  Since they are usually vibrant in terms of colour – they are instantly noticeable no matter how far away you are.  When golfers are making their shot, they can then look at the windsock to make an educated guess in terms of the direction of the wind, so they now how to hit it.  If you have a golf club want to improve your golf game, there are lots of windsocks for sale to help you do this.

Health and Safety in Oil and Gas Industry

Windsocks are incredibly important when it comes to health and safety in this industry.  In terms of H2S safety – workers need to know about the direction of the wind at all times before they open up a closed system. It could be that they are checking an orifice, a mud pit – or gauging a tank – it can actually be life threatening – which makes windsocks essential.

Air Stripping at Wastewater Treatment Plants

Wastewater treatment plants are filled with hazards and contaminants.  Sometimes air stripping can carry droplets of these contaminants to the worker which means that some places ensure that a windsock is present in specific locations within the plants.  Of course, when you compare this to having an employee off sick for a long period of time, it is much more cost-effective.

As you can see there are lots of uses for windsocks that you may not have thought of before.

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