Print Ads Still Offer Many Benefits

Print Ads Still Offer Many Benefits

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From online banner ads and signage Singapore to radio spots and television commercial, advertising tends to permeate on a daily basis. Big companies continue to invest millions of dollars every year in advertising campaigns in order to sell their new offering or boost the sales of current products. As with major companies, small businesses also make use of advertising in order to get the word out on their services or products or to secure a better local market position.  In the fight for a larger share of customers, print ads provide businesses various benefits.


Unlike internet ads or television that flash before the eye and disappear, print ads tend to stay on the page. Whenever readers look at a page with ads on it, they see the same thing.  Also, as long as the publication is continuously circulated, the ad also stays in circulation. One ad on a magazine is likely to promote a service or product from many months or years before somebody put the magazine in the trash. Only print advertising offers that much possible longevity from one investment.


Print advertising is great to solidify the identity of brands. Ads must have a consistent aesthetic when it comes to colors, fonts and kinds of images in order to establish brand recognition.


Print publications which provide high-quality, dependable content consistently develop credibility with readers. Businesses capitalize on the halo effect in order to publications’ credibility to their own benefit. Essentially, the halo effect is when a person takes a positive feeling or thought linked to a thing and applies it to something related.  When it comes to print publications, the readers tend to take the credibility content quality generates and apply it to the ads which make them more likely to purchase a service or product.

Target Marketing

Putting ads in publications can effectively reach niche audiences which are likely to be harder to target in the internet.



Listening to the radio or watching TV are processes in which some devices offer sounds and images that may or may not get attention. A person who opens a magazine or newspaper decides consciously to engage the images and words on the paper. Readers need to physically turn pages of these papers, look at all materials and make some choices on what to read.


Print ads tend to generate the best results throughout four of the five elements of the purchase process that customers go through. The purchase process includes brand awareness, message association, ad awareness and brand favorability. Magazine advertisements equally perform in message association to advertisements in other media; however, offer the perfect results in terms of the intent to buy. For a small business that wants to maximize the investment return for ads, print ads also outperforms TV and internet advertising.

The best way to advertise a business is to make use of as many channels as possible in order to reach each corner of your target demographic. While most emphasis might be done online, the glory of printed pages still exist. Ensuring the right balance between different media will guarantee a steady flow of revenue, increased sales and ne customers.